Ahad Azimzadeh – Tabriz

Ahad Azimzadeh

Ahad Azimzadeh – Tabriz
Ahad Azimzadeh Esphanjani was born in the city of Tabriz in 1957. He started school at the age of 7. But due to the loss of his Father and financial constraints of this family he could not continue with school. So instead of going to school he worked in the carpet weaving trade by day, and studied at night.
By the age of 14 he was buying and selling small hand made carpets from the surrounding areas. Doing this enabled him to become part owner of a carpet store in Tabriz by the age of 18. At this time he was enlisted for military service, but was given an exemption because of the love of carpets and carpet making he had developed.
At this point in his life he decided to take his carpet knowledge abroad. He travelled to Germany to gain more knowledge of the carpet industry. While there he realized that affluent people from around the world would often come to Europe seeking out highly desirable and rare carpets. Despite a language barrier he went to Geneva and collected as much information as he could before returning to Iran.
When he arrived back in Iran he decided to introduce round rugs to his production. The introduction of the round designs was warmly received and brought change to the carpet making industry in Iran. He had now had two workshops, on in Tabriz, the other being in Isfahan. Between the two workshops he had 300 labourers between the two workshops.
He once again travelled to Europe. This time he was more determined to find out what carpets were more desired, specifically in design, colours, and size. With the information he collected he returned to Iran and started to produce carpets that suited the areas he had visited. At this time he also bought a shop, as well as a warehouse in Tehran.
In 2001 he travelled to England and was awarded the International Golden Trophy for hand woven carpets. This award was for Quality and Management and Job Prestige.
Within a year he had established a permanent exhibition of precious handmade carpets in the city of Tehran. This exhibition is known has the biggest and most through collection of Iranian rugs.
He was then honoured in New York City with the Platinum Category trophy as the most successful trader in the carpet industry. He believes he was awarded this prestigious award because of his perseverance, business management, and fulfilling customer’s needs. As well as his innovations brought to the industry.
His dedication to the industry has been unparalleled, and he attributes his successes to mainly, truth and honesty. As well as having a positive impact on the industry itself, he prides his achievements on his company’s impeccable customer service.
After 20+ years in the industry his achievement and innovations have made Ahad Azimzadeh an important figure in carpet making history.
Azimzadeh carpets:

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