Iranian Restrictions

35-36 years ago in Iran, they were under the power of their king, the Shah, or better known as Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. The way he was leading them was very modern and similar to how the U.S.A is, he also had all of the power. But unfortunately 2 years after the revolution he died, and his family moved to America. Leaving Iran in the hands of a new form of government that has a very big religion influence on how Iranian’s now have to live their lives. Which to some is described as a “Slum country and government”. With having a new government, comes new laws and restrictions, especially since religion has a big part and play into how they now have to live day to day. In Iran music and dancing is limited, and has to be done privately, in their own homes or at a friends or family members. They don’t have bars and clubs like we do in North America. But lets say they want to throw a private party with friends and family in their own homes, if they get caught by police or somebody calls and reports it, police can show up to investigate and arrest them, or if they have any trace of alcohol present because that is against their new laws.

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