The village of Meymeh lies about 75 miles north of Isfahan in central Iran. Joshagan is the town neighbouring Meymeh, and here they have produced rugs and carpets of some reputation for several centuries in a characteristic design that continues today.

Although rugs and carpets from Meymeh and Joshagan are very similar in design and construction, Meymeh is regarded in the trade to be the finer quality. Typical examples have a tight double weft construction with cotton warps and wefts, whilst the Persian knot is used with excellent quality wool to produce a medium length luxurious pile.

Meymeh rugs are easily recognizable because they are only rarely being copied by Indian carpet weavers and also due to the fact that there is little variability with designs and colors. Meymeh, Joshaghan and Khosrowabad carpets represent a group of provenances with very similar designs and colors, being differenciated basically by their level of fineness only. The typical pattern consists of little symmetrical stylized orchids surrounding a stylized medallion in the middle of which you will again find a flower cross. The border usually shows a geometrically stylized Mahi/Herati design. This design altogether is called “Jangali” which means “from the jungle”, the reason for which being that orchids are a typical flower of the jungle. Meymeh rugs are woven with the Persian knot as opposed to the more widespread Turkish knot.

Meymehs are extremely distinctive in design and conservative in their use of colours. Usually the field is red with secondary colours of blue, green, and yellow. The design is made up of a theme of diamonds with a floral motif overlaid; indeed there is a fragment of an Eighteenth Century example in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London with exactly the same motifs.

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