Chobi Ziegler


The word “Chobi” means something that has color like “wood” (in Farsi (the language in IRAN and Afghanistan) “Chob” means “Wood”). The majority of the Chobi rugs and carpets have light brownish color. You can find different designs in Chobi rugs, however the majority of them have light brownish color. These rugs have a high demand due to their beautiful coloration.

In 1883, ZIEGLER and Co. of Manchester, England, established Persian carpet manufacture in ARAK (SULTANABAD), IRAN, employing designers from major Western department stores, like B. Altman & Co. and Liberty of London, to modify fanciful 16th- and 17th-century Eastern designs for the more restrained Western taste. Using highly developed dying techniques (which ZIEGLER futilely attempted to copyright) and the best artisans from the region, ZIEGLER created rugs with bold, all-over patterns and with softer palettes than the more vibrant Persian counterparts. ZIEGLER rugs developed an almost immediate following, especially among newly Western industrialists; early collectors included the Guinness family, the owners of the stout-beer brewery, who laid them in Elveden Hall, their Suffolk, England, estate.


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