Lori Gabbeh


The Lori are one of the most important nomadic tribes of Iran and inhabit the western and southern parts of the country. In much of their territory they live in areas adjacent to the Ghashgai. Unlike the Ghashgai who speak Turkish, the Lori are of Iranian origin and their language is similar to Persian. Various pressures in the 20-century have forced many Lori to abandon the nomadic life and settle down in villages.

There are two main types of Lori rugs on the market. The first are the nomadic carpets produced in the south; these we generally call Lori Behbehan. They are similar to Ghashgai rugs and made entirely of wool, but they use a different range of motifs and are fond of bright contrasting colours. A strong red is particularly prominent. The other type of Lori rug is marketed in the town of Khorramabad and is called Dozars. These are squarer and more restrained in appearance; a reddish-brown is the main color. The Designs are varied; all-over patterning predominates. The fringes are often beautifully braided.

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