Agra Indian Carpets

Agra, India has been a large center of carpet making since the period of Mughal art in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The carpet industry was revived in Agra while under British rule during the nineteenth century. The Mughal tradition was reestablished, along with an interest in newly derived designs in current Persian rug production during the same period. Because of this, nineteenth and early twentieth century Agra carpets enjoyed a diverse and varied background that drew on all the great traditions of Oriental carpet making. Agra rugs are often beautiful all-over patterns, but also incorporate medallion or centralized patterns. The colors used in Agra rugs are often that of classical Indian and Persian carpets, sometimes getting into earthier tones.


Since the end of the nineteenth century carpets in India have often been primarily woven to order, due to this they are constructed to the highest quality. Although later rugs do derive patterns from traditional designs, modern Agra carpets have evolved to incorporate newer, more modern designs. Production all but disappeared after the 1920s but has made resurgence again in more recent times. Today, Agra carpets are considered to be some of the most decorative pieces internationally.

Agra rugs are not easy to classify as there is large variations in sizes, designs, and construction. Designs are often open fields with smaller center medallions and borders. They are also at times woven with all-over patterns. Colours used are often greens, blues, and beiges, but can also be reds and varying other colours. The piles are usually wool, with cotton making up the warp and weft. Over time the pile thickness of Agra carpets has gotten deeper, older Agras will have a thinner pile.


The price range and value of Agra carpets range from: Medium – Medium / High.

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