Dharjazine is one of the most important centers of carpet weaving in the Hamadan province. Dharjazine boasts the best carpet weavers of this province and their carpets sell for relatively higher prices than normal Hamadans. Dharjazines are hand knotted in medium-quality wool using a single weft, and a cotton warp.  They are produced in sizes ranging from tiny mats to 12’ x 9’ carpets, as well as in runners.

Dharjazines are well defined and brightly coloured carpets from the Hamadan province of Iran.  The design consists of either a detached floral design or a repeating pattern that fully covers a red or white field. Their area designs are sometimes very similar to Sarough medallion designs. The most common elements seen in Dharjazine are the Herati and the Seraband, with or without a central medallion. Dharjazine runners are sometimes mistaken as Senneh runners by the untrained eye as they both look quite similar in design.

The price range and value of Dharjazines are from: LOW – MEDIUM.

Although they were once among the least expensive carpets made in Persia, they’ve now risen into the moderate price range.  Dharjazine runners are a good buy and are very attractive.

Image result for Dergazine rugs

Image result for Dergazine rugs

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