One of the most renowned of all the Hamadan villages is Enjilas. It lies about 20 km to the north of Hamadan, just about halfway to Malayer. The Enjilas weavers take great pride in their work and you never see a bad rug originating from there. If the quality is lower than expected, the rug is probably from Everu, a village lying to the south. Enjilas are hand knotted on a vertical loom with a Turkish knot on a cotton foundation. Like most other carpets from the Hamadan region, Enjilas utilize a single weft, warps and wefts are both of cotton; the wefts are often dyed blue and the pile height is medium to high.  These carpets are available in mat and throw rug sizes, as well as in runners.

Enjilas carpets have an overall red appearance with up to ten decorative or outline colours in a variety of shades. Many different designs are used, including endless repeats in the Herati and mir-i-boteh patterns and rugs with small, sometimes elongated, medallions, the Shah Abbas pattern is used less frequently. The corner spandrels are exceptionally small often containing a leaf, a flower, or part of the Herati design. Enjilas were once extensively made but are now less commonly seen.  They are of fine quality, similar to the Feraghan in appearance.

The price range and value of Enjilas carpets range from: LOW/MEDIUM TO MEDIUM

Enjilas are generally rated as fair to medium in quality, but the decline in their production has meant they’re very rare to find and thus are collectable.

Image result for enjilas rug

Image result for enjilas rug

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