Hadji Jalili

Some groups of Persian carpets have mysteries associated with them. Although, they do not go back hundreds of years, so little is known about them. Among these are Hadji Jalili carpets. Hadji Jalili rugs were made in the famous city of Marand, 40 miles north west of Tabriz, in east Azerbaijan in north west Iran

It is not clear that Hadji Jalili was a weaver or producer who commissioned the rugs to other weavers. But what is clear is that this type of rug were made for the elite and noblemen.

This style of carpet is now being produced in different countries, to the original specifications of Hadji Jalili himself, to this day.

Hadji Jalili is especially known for mixing lighter colors — such as pinks, golds and greys — into the design of his rugs. Pieces by Hadji Jalili that feature these particular design elements are highly sought after by decorators and collectors. His silk carpets are among the most renowned ever woven, and the pieces that are considered to be the best Tabriz carpets are often attributed to his workshop.

The price range and value of Hadji Jalilis range from: HIGH – WEALTHY.

Hadji Jalili carpets, especially the genuine article which would be considered antiques now, are always a sound investment. Quality is almost always very high. They would be considered in the high to wealth range.

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