Carpets and Health !

Fact: Carpet keeps allergens from becoming airborne.

Carpet holds allergen-causing substances tightly and, as a result, keeps them from becoming airborne, minimizing their level in the breathing zone; this translates to lower exposure potential.  The allergens held by carpet’s filter-like effect may be removed by vacuuming, thereby refreshing the filter-like properties of the carpet to allow more material to be removed from the air.  Vacuuming carpet once or twice a week removes allergens, including dust mite feces – a known source of allergen.  It is important to use an efficient vacuum cleaner – central system or a machine with a HEPA filter – to minimize re-suspending allergens.


In Carpet and Airborne Allergens, A Literature Review, Dr. Alan Luedtke refers to the results of a study aimed at determining the effect of routine vacuuming cleaning; the findings indicate frequent vacuum cleaning, even for a short period of time, significantly reduces house dust and mite allergen levels in carpets.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies prove the effectiveness of carpet in reducing airborne particles.

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