Holiday Traditions to Create & Share with Your Kids !

Carpet adds a number of great benefits and is great place for family gatherings, especially during the holidays. Misty Nelson highlights a few reasons great things to do around the holidays with your family.


Holiday traditions are part of the magic of this time of year, those moments you remember as a child and look forward to celebrating with your children. Baking cookies, going to see Christmas light displays, decorating our tree, those timeless traditions lots of kids enjoy. All of these bring back sweet memories and are a big part of why I LOVE the holidays so much, but I wanted to create new, special ways to celebrate too!

Holiday traditions are a way of creating special memories with the one’s we love. Like they say, there’s no place like home for the holidays! We want our home to be a warm and welcoming place for friends and family to gather, season after season.

Reference: Carpet and Rug Institute 

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