Improving Indoor Air Quality for Your Family !

Carpet is the lowest emitter of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hardwood floors typically contain a high amount of formaldehyde and VOCs. Of course, with carpeting in order to maintain adequate air quality and ensure it’s filtering ability, you will need to vacuum as needed. I, personally, find vacuuming carpeting to be more effective than vacuuming laminate/hardwood floors and sweeping them leaves so much crud behind.

Did you know: Studies show that people with asthma and allergies have actually seen symptoms improve with carpet? Who would’ve thought!


Carpet essentially acts as a filter for your air by trapping allergens that we would otherwise breathe in. Allergens such as dust and pet dander sit on the surface of hard flooring and can easily be disturbed every time you, your pet or your child walk across the floor or with ceiling fans and can be thrown back into the air that you breathe constantly throughout the day.

When we purchased our home, I was surprised to see how much carpeting our home had. Our entire master is carpet and both living rooms, play room, and office are carpeted. That’s a heck of a lot more carpet than we’re used to in a home! However, after doing more research with the Carpet and Rug Institute, I’m pleasantly surprised and almost relieved at the amount of carpet we have in our home.

Reference: Carpet and Rug Institute 

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