Iranian Currency

The Iranian Rial is the currency of Iran. The ISO 4217 code is IRR, and the unicode “﷼” is ﷼.
Though “Toman” is no longer an official unit of Iranian currency, but Iranians commonly express amounts of money and prices of goods in Tomans (1 Toman = 10 Rials). Despite this usage, amounts of money and prices of goods are virtually always written in Rials.

Old currency name In Dinar Issued by
Shahi 50 Dinars Samanid Dynasty
Mahmoudi (Sannar) 100 Dinars Sultan Mahmoud, Qaznavid Dynasty
Abbasi 200 Dinars Shah Abbas I, Safavid Dynasty
Naderi (Dah-Shahi) 500 Dinars Nader Shah, Afsharid Dynasty
Qiran 1000 Dinars Fath Ali Shah, Qajar Dynasty
Rial 1250 Dinars Fath Ali Shah, Qajar Dynasty
Do-Zari 2000 Dinars Qajar Dynasty
Panj-Zari 5000 Dinars Qajar Dynasty
Toman 10000 Dinars Ilkhanate

The Rial was first introduced in 1798 as a coin worth 1,250 dinars or one eighth of a Toman. In 1825, the Rial ceased to be issued, with the Qiran of 1,000 dinars, one tenth of a Toman, being issued as part of a decimal system. The Rial replaced the Qiran at in 1932 at a rate of 1 Rial = 1 Qiran and 10 Rials = 1 Toman, the Rial was also divided into one hundred (new) dinars.

Prior to decimalisation in 1932, these coins and currencies were used, and some of these terms still have wide usage in Iranian languages and proverbs.




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