Jaipur Rugs are handmade carpets made by a company of the same name. Headquartered in Jaipur (India), their operations are located in 10 states of India. They have a network of over 20 branches, as well as an independent weaver base of 40,000 artisans. They are one of the leading manufacturers of handmade carpets in India.

K. Chaudhary started the company in 1978 with just two looms and nine artisans. Over the years and under his leadership the company has evolved into one of the leaders of handmade rugs from India.

Jaipur rugs are very diverse in appearance. They range from very traditional, often mimicking Persian designs, to Ultra-Modern. This is diversity is one of the major reasons that Jaipur Rugs is an industry leader, as there is something for every décor. The quality also ranges from medium to very fine, and this is due to the large pool of artists knotting the carpets.

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