Borchalus are hand knotted, both the Turkish and Persian knot are used depending on the place of manufacture; they are made with medium-quality wool, and the pile is high.  Like almost all carpets from the Hamadan area, these carpets are single-wefted. The warps and wefts are of unbleached cotton. Wefts may be dyed blue. Borchalus are becoming harder and harder to find. They are mainly small to medium sized rugs up to 1.50 x 2.50 M (5 ft. x 7 ft. 3 in.), also smaller numbers of room carpets, occasionally as large as 3 x 4 m (10 ft. x 13 ft.) as well as in the long, narrow kellegi size that’s usually two or three times longer than it is wide.

The carpets of Borchalu arrive on the market via the Hamadan bazaars from the area between Hamadan and Arak. Borchalus are one of the finer knotted types of carpet from the Hamadan region.  The designs are heavily geared towards Western taste; central medallions with manifold blossom and other floral motifs, also sometimes drawn as vase carpets, dominate their image. The field is in red or white; the designs in red, blue, gold and green.

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