25 Year History of Babak`s Oriental Carpets

Babak opened his first location on September 07, 2016. Happy 25 Years!

Dr. Huschang Rezwani (Babak’s Father) has successfully built an honorable reputation in the carpet business over the past 35 years in Graz, Austria. He is delighted to offer his knowledge and experience in this specialty business, and is proud to provide an exclusive selection of Persian and Oriental carpets to the homes and businesses of Victoria and Vancouver.

Babak Rezwani, son of Dr. Rezwani, is the store owner and operator of the Victoria showroom located at 919 Fort Street. Babak has been around the carpet business his entire life, and therefore, he has a vast knowledge of most carpets from around the world. He specializes in carpets from Persia. Babak is dedicated to the study of oriental carpets and he is always pleased to share his knowledge for those interested in the historical significance, hand-knotting techniques, investment value and overall quality of Persian and Oriental carpets.

Video on the history of the buisness: Here

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